Cynthia Koerner For Shelter Animals Designated Fund

Investing for the Future

On June 19th, 2019 the shelter community lost a genuine friend, Cynthia 'Cindy' Koerner. Cindy Koerner’s love for all animals started early in her life. She always took care of stray animals wherever she was living, and volunteered at various shelters to help the dogs and cats. Cindy was always the happiest when she could be taking care of stray animals, or providing a warm and loving home for her pet companions. When Cindy passed in 2019, her family initiated the Cynthia Koerner For Shelter Animals Designated Fund through the South Dakota Community Foundation. This fund will provide financial support to the Aberdeen Area Humane Society.

If you too are a person like Cindy, someone who loves animals and wants to make sure there is ALWAYS a warm, soft place for the unwanted and homeless to land, consider a donation to the Cynthia Koerner For Shelter Animals Designated Fund.

The South Dakota Community Foundation is an amazing organization who connects philanthropists to non-profits. The endowments they create are invested capital that provide a perpetual yearly stipend to the organization they were set up for.

If you are interested in setting up your own donor advised fund to benefit the Aberdeen Area Humane Society it is easily accomplished. Please reach out to the board of directors at Many other resources for planned giving options are available on the South Dakota Community Foundation website.