New Building Campaign

To ensure that the Aberdeen Area Humane Society (AAHS) can continue to provide care and support for homeless dogs, cats, and other critters, the time has come to build a new animal shelter. The current shelter is composed of the original building which was moved onto our property over thirty years ago and then added on to multiple times to give more space. With a bit of ingenuity and a ton of passion we made this unique setup work for many years, but it can no longer provide healthy living conditions or space for the proper housing and socialization of the animals awaiting adoption.

Our plan is to build the new shelter on the current property owned by the AAHS. This has two important advantages. First, we can continue operations while the new shelter is being built and that means minimal impact to the animals. Second, we incur no additional costs by using property we currently own. The total project cost for a new 7,400 square foot building is $1,000,000.

We need your help to make the new shelter a reality!

Please consider donating to our building fund project. Use the Donate button on this page to make a tax deductable donation. Also read our information on naming opportunities.

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Naming Opportunties!

Naming Opportunties

We are pleased to recognize supporters who make significant contributions to our New Shelter Capital Campaign. Permanently naming an area of the shelter is a wonderful way to help homeless pets. Donors can honor a pet, person, or even a business or organization. If you are interested in a naming opportunity send an email to and we will send you a pledge form. If you would like to make a donation now, and have it applied to a naming opportunity, please use the donate button on this page and mark the "Apply Toward New Building Naming Opportunities" option and you will be contacted by a board member to take care of the details.