Lost & Missing

Your pet's gone missing, you are worried sick! Here are the best ways to get reuninted as soon as possible:

1. Check our AAHS Facebook Page and/or call us at 605-226-1200

2. Check the Missing Pets in Aberdeen, SD Facebook Group

3. Check the City Animal Shelter at 38711 137th St, phone number 605-229-1126

4. Consider making posters, posting on social media, and phone calls to neighbors

5. If you don't find your pet right away, repeat steps 1 through 4, sometimes it just takes a little time until your pet is found!


Our shelter will scan for microchips any time a stray/lost animal is brought to the shelter.

Microchipping your pet is an excellent way to ensure your lost pet is returned as quickly as possible. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under your pets skin. Call the shelter to ask about how you can get your pet microchipped.